Richard Perso

Being an only child, Richard always had to make up for his isolation by creating the same amount of mess as 3 kids. It was only a natural progression that led him to making as much noise as a 3-piece band.

He doesn’t seem to have enough arms, legs or lungs to pull off such a physically demanding performance but that doesn’t stop him from playing 3 didgeridoos, driving a weapons cache of overdriven acoustic guitars and somehow managing to replace the roll of a drummer with little more than his two feet.

It is fair to say that Richard Perso is living the dream: he played his first festival at 15, won a string of competitions and awards at the age of 16, played at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival and National Folk Festival by 17. At 18 he has added Woodford Folk Festival and New York performances, a further 16 festivals in 2009, as well as recording his debut album in New York. By 19 he added a tour through Canada and East Coast USA. He continues to blaze a trail through Australia’s vibrant festival circuit and live music scene.

What can we say? The ‘one man excitement machine’, Richard Perso, will rock the stage again this year at the Melbourne Didgeridoo & Cultural Festival with his amazing fusion of didgeridoo, folk, rock and blues – you have got to see this!

Richard Perso

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