Charlie McMahon

Charlie McMahon is widely regarded as one of the world’s top didgeridoo exponents.

With 60 years playing experience, Charlie is one of the instrument’s true elders. He co-founded Gondwanaland in 1983, an innovative band that brought the didgeridoo boldly into the contemporary musical landscape. Gondwanaland won the Best Indigenous Record ARIA in 1987.

Charlie performed on the soundtracks of iconic Australian movies Mad Max & and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. His has recorded and collaborated with musicians diverse as Ted Egan, Carlos Peron, Bart Willoughby and Midnight Oil, to name just a few.

Charlie radically re-invented the didgeridoo’s musical range with the Didjeribone (a multi-note slide didgeridoo) and the Face Bass (a seismic recording device lending the instrument a more complex, deeper sound).

Get ready to meet a legend!