Bunna Lawrie

Bunna Lawrie is a proud Mirning elder from his homelands on Ngargangurie (the Nullarbor Plains), on the southern coast of South Australia.

As a traditional song man, dancer and medicine man, Bunna is passionate about his indigenous heritage and the preservation of traditional land and culture.

2017 will mark 40 years of constant touring by Bunna Lawrie and Coloured Stone who are one of the most famous aboriginal rock bands ever..

Coloured Stone was formed in 1977 by Bunna Lawrie, lead singer and songwriter, combining rock, ska, reggae with a unique Aboriginal sound incorporating traditional instruments such as clap sticks, didgeridoo, bundawuthada (gong stone) and traditional language.

It was Bunna’s drive, for the protection of the environment and his sacred totem the Southern Right Whale, that became the subject of the inspiring film ‘The Whaledreamers’, winner of 8 documentary awards, directed by Julian Lennon and produced by Kim Kindersley. Bunna was invited by Julian Lennon to sing on his recent album and remains in contact with Julian and Yoko Ono and the White Feather Foundation.

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Bunna Lawrie

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