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Following decisions taken by our Government regarding COVID-19, we are unable to proceed with our Festival scheduled for Saturday 18th April 2020.
We will look to see what alternate options may be available in the future,
if and when restrictions are removed.

Welcome to the festival

The annual Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival is unique in this town.

It is a free, family friendly, not-for-profit event that explores and celebrates Aboriginal culture and its iconic Australian instrument – the didgeridoo!

This year is the festival’s 10th anniversary!

To mark this significant event, a group of Aboriginals from the didgeridoo’s traditional home, Arnhem Land, will meet with local Wurundjeri people, traditional custodians of the land on which the festival is held.

In addition to regular live music, children’s activities and vendor stalls, this year will focus strongly on interactive cultural experiences, facilitating visitors’ engagement with Aboriginal artists.

It’s an unmatched experience of Aboriginal culture and Didgeridoo in Melbourne!

‘This is the BEST Blackfella Festival in Victoria!’

Bart Willoughby

  • Inaugural Indigenous Aria Australian Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution to Indigenous Music in Australia
  • Inductee / South Australia’s music hall of fame

Free community event – bring your family!


If you would like to assist us in putting on this event and require more information 


The Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival has enjoyed consistent major sponsorship from Manningham City Council over the past nine years.
This year, we are seeking additional corporate sponsorships to help transport and accommodate our special Arnhem Land guests.
Be a part of something special and help us!


The festival’s Cultural Activity Program facilitates interaction between Aboriginal Artists and visitors keen to learn more about Bush Food, Hunting Tools, Weaving, Didgeridoo Making and Art and Craft.

At Cultural Activity Stalls, visitors can observe processes, listen to presentations and engage in activities.

This is a rare opportunity to work directly with Aboriginal artists in the Greater Melbourne area.

Hunting Tools

Learn about spears and boomerangs – how the materials are gathered, how the different hunting tools are made and what they are used for. Read More


Learn about the traditional crafts involving animal skin, feathers, seeds and sea shells. Read More

Bush Food

Learn about local Aboriginal food sources, the nutritional value of some bushfood ingredients, traditional harvesting methods and how you can cook with bushfood ingredients Read More


Learn how traditional paint is made, how the local art style differs from the one in Arnhem Land, about traditional ownership of certain designs and copyright protection. Learn about the local traditional art style and symbols, the art style of Arnhem Land Read More

Didgeridoo Making

Witness the transformation from hollow tree to musical instrument and learn what criteria determine the quality of the instrument, how didgeridoos are used in traditional Aboriginal culture and what customs / laws apply to the instrument. Read More


Learn about the materials for weaving, the dying of the fibres, the weaving process and the different uses of plant fibres (baskets, nets, fish traps, etc.).

Read More


The Live Music program showcases traditional Aboriginal song and dance, as well as contemporary music styles incorporating Didgeridoo. This highlights the instrument’s musical calibre, providing not only high quality entertainment, but an opportunity to participate in Aboriginal dancing!

This year we have invited a group of Aboriginal performers from Arnhem Land, the traditional homeland of the didgeridoo, to perform traditional song and dance – details coming soon!

Other live music acts include:

Djirri Djirri Dancers

The Wurundjeri women’s dance group Djirri Djirri performs dances revolving around local creation stories with cultural explanations and audience participation.

Read More

Indigenous Hip Hop Project

The highly popular Indigenous Hip Hop Project dance shows are connecting with more and more communities each year – offering highly engaging workshops with exceptional role models/dancers.

Read More

Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri is a ground-breaking didgeridoo virtuoso, fusing the ancient instrument with electronic production and vocals – his music is about connecting to culture!

Read More

Charlie McMahon

Charlie McMahon is widely regarded as one of the world’s top didgeridoo exponents.

Read More


Several entertaining and educational children’s activities will be offered at the festival: Aboriginal face painting, games of Marngrook (the Aboriginal version of Footy), didgeridoo and clap sticks workshops, Aboriginal dancing, boomerang painting, dreamtime storytelling and Didgeridoo meditation.

  • Aboriginal Face Painting
  • Games of Marngrook (the Aboriginal version of Footy)
  • Didgeridoo and clap sticks workshops
  • Aboriginal dancing
  • Boomerang painting
  • Dreamtime storytelling
  • Didgeridoo meditation


  • Aboriginal arts and crafts
  • Didgeridoos
  • Bush tucker
  • Food trucks
  • And more!

Memories from Didgefestival 2018

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This event was supported by Manningham Council’s Community Grant Program