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1 – 9pm SUNDAY 2ND APRIL 2017

celebrate one of the oldest musical instruments on the planet

Welcome to the festival

The annual Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival is a family friendly, not-for-profit event to explore and celebrate Aboriginal culture and one of the oldest wind instruments on the planet – the yidaki (didgeridoo).

The festival showcases the didgeridoo and Aboriginal culture through music, song, dance, art and storytelling. Players and musicians from both indigenous and non-indigenous communities come together to celebrate this unique Australian instrument.

Each year our festival recognises both traditional and contemporary playing styles, including recent contemporary styles emerging with fusions of didgeridoo, guitar, violin, Japanese flute (shakuhachi) and dance-loops, to name just a few.

There will be plenty of activities for the kids and a great variety of food vendors and stalls, including free didgeridoo workshops!

FAMILY (2 ADULTS & 2 KIDS)  $25.00
ADULTS  $15.00 | KIDS / CONCESSIONS  $5.00

Performing Artists include:

Richard Perso

Richard Perso

Being an only child, Richard always had to make up for his isolation by creating the same amount of mess as 3 kids. It was only a natural progression that led him to making as much noise as a 3-piece band.

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Bart Willoughby

Bart Willoughby’s musical career began in 1978 when he pioneered a distinctive Indigenous Australian music sound, a fusion of Jamaican reggae with traditional Indigenous influences.

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Mark Atkins

Acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest didgeridoo players, Mark Atkins is also recognized internationally for his collaborative projects with some of the world’s leading composers and musicians.

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Bunna Lawrie

Bunna Lawrie is a proud Mirning elder from his homelands on Ngargangurie (the Nullarbor Plains), on the southern coast of South Australia.

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Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri (pronounced gun-gah gear-ree) is a world renowned didgeridoo virtuoso and innovator of a fusion of the ancient instrument with electronic beats, that has taken the dancefloors of the world by storm since the dawn of the 21st century.

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Yidaki Yulugi

Gumaroy and Yidaki Yulugi provide the ultimate Indigenous Experience, sharing their rich cultural history with traditional stories, dances, songs and didgeridoo performance.

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Activities for the whole family

  • Jumping Castle
  • Face Painting
  • Magician
  • Free Didgeridoo Workshops
  • Cultural Talks
  • Aboriginal Dancing Workshop

Stalls on site

  • Aboriginal Art
  • Didgeridoo
  • Great Variety of Food Stalls
    (including tastes of bush tucker)

Memories from Didgefestival 2016

Help us promote the festival in your community

Download our poster and put it onto community notice boards / in your favourite cafe, share on social networks and tell all of your friends.


This project was supported by Manningham City Council’s Community Grant Program.

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